As a project just getting started, there will undoubtedly be more to come!



Debt Watch Harrisburg seeks to demand that taxpayers be heard in those public, legal proceedings that will determine the future of our City.

We want to make known that taxpayers’ rights and taxpayers’ interests need to be placed ahead of those who knowingly and irresponsibly facilitated this Debt Crisis, ahead of those people and entities who authorized or participated in the creation of a municipal debt burden that now threatens to crush local taxpayers.

Where possible, we need people to be held accountable.

In doing these things, we must push to transform our local government to ensure that from now on, responsible and transparent use of public monies will be the practice and good government the new norm.



  • Give independent voice to taxpayers by demanding we be heard in those legal and public proceedings that will determine the future of our City.
  • Have taxpayers’ rights & interests placed ahead of those who caused this Debt Crisis.
  • Seek accountability and the recapture of public monies that were recklessly paid in exorbitant fees for unworkable public projects.




You are welcome to join us if you are a taxpayer who seeks these same goals and qualify as follows:

  • Be an individual and/or family who pay real estate taxes in the City of Harrisburg.

  • Be an individual who pays Earned Income taxes to the City of Harrisburg.
  • Be required to pay Business Privilege/Mercantile Taxes to the City of Harrisburg.

Sorry, local elected or appointed public officials will NOT be eligible for membership.