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Week 3 Update

1. In regard to Act 47 hearing, on Tuesday, a telephone conference of legal counsel occurred to review pending issues, but no formal action was taken. 2. DWH participated in the weekly meeting of Dauphin County Commissioners, essentially introducing the group to the Commissioners and voicing our concern with a litigation strategy that ultimately means [...]

Week 2 Update

1. We plan to have a meeting of members and other interested persons considering membership next Wednesday, November 3rd @ 7 p.m. at the Derry Street Methodist Church, 1508 Derry St. There’s a parking lot along the side of the church and the side door will be open. 2. DEBT WATCH HARRISBURG issued a Rate [...]

First Week Update

It was a good first week for our new Harrisburg taxpayers’ organization. Standing together, we collectively and effectively stated our case to the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) and anyone else listening. The work is far from done. I think the public servants working at DCED understand that if we oppose a position [...]


Please join me and your fellow citizens in the formation of a new taxpayer organization, DEBT WATCH HARRISBURG. Our purpose: To demand that taxpayers be heard in those public, legal proceedings that will determine the future of our City. We need to make known that taxpayers’ rights and taxpayers’ interests need to be placed ahead [...]