Week 2 Update

1. We plan to have a meeting of members and other interested persons considering membership next Wednesday, November 3rd @ 7 p.m. at the Derry Street Methodist Church, 1508 Derry St. There’s a parking lot along the side of the church and the side door will be open.

2. DEBT WATCH HARRISBURG issued a Rate Proposal for Legal Fees to both City Council and the responding law firms who expressed interest in advising the City on Chapter 9 Bankruptcy and Act 47. We seek to create a governmental rate to be charged to the City that is linked to the rate formula the U.S. Government pays to private attorneys who prevail in certain cases against the government, which is currently $175.25 per hour. This is FAR below the rates most firms would charge. (See “Public Documents” to read letter).

3. We filed additional documents this week with DCED that addressed issues involving last week’s hearing and how Act 47 should be reviewed in Harrisburg’s unique situation. As of Thursday evening, we are awaiting rulings on a variety of matters. (See “Public Documents” to view the documents).

4. We appeared before The Harrisburg Authority Wednesday evening to urge them to prepare to transition the Incinerator and related “projects” back to the City, a step that should be done that will actually DECREASE the taxpayers overall liabilities here (more on that to come).

5. Dauphin County filed another lawsuit against the City and The Harrisburg Authority this week. Once again, we the taxpayers are paying for legal counsel for all sides.

6. Finally, we have tweaked our requirements a little, as we are allowing Committee people who are otherwise eligible for membership to join. These people, though elected, are party officials and not public officials. Public officials, both elected and appointed, are still ineligible for membership.

Thanks to everyone for your interest in and support of DEBT WATCH HARRISBURG. Remember, if you own real estate in the City; live in the City and have a job anywhere (pay local income taxes to HBG); or if you pay Business Privilege/Mercantile Taxes to Harrisburg, you are eligible for membership. If you’re ineligible, you can still sign up for our electronic mailing list.

Thank you again,

Neil A. Grover

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  • dan stern  On November 4, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    Excellent meeting last night. I came away impressed by Neil’s spirit and command of the issues, depressed by the scope of problems faced by our city and the total failure of leadership at this critical time, and inspired to help do something to help.
    Spread the word, this group has a practical and specific agenda to protect taxpayers.

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